Writers’ Huddle Forums: Email Subscriptions

You can now get alerts of new forum posts straight to your inbox – making it easy to keep track of topics (or even whole forums) that you’re interested in.

Subscribing to a Topic

To subscribe to a particular topic, click to open the topic and scroll down to the bottom. Click the Subscribe button.

You can also subscribe to a topic when you post in it. Just click the “Subscribe to this topic” option before you submit your post.

Once you’ve subscribed to a topic, you’ll receive email alerts about any new posts in that topic (excluding your own posts).

You can also see any new posts in your subscribed topics at the top of the forums:

The number (in red) will show any unread posts in your subscribed topics. Click the button to bring up a list of these posts.

Subscription Options

You can set up subscription options in your Profile. Click Profile at the top of the forums screen, then click the Subscriptions tab.

“Auto subscribe to topics I post in” does exactly what it says!

“Receive subscription notifications in digest form (daily)” means that instead of an email about every update, you’ll get one email each day that contains links to all the topics you’ve subscribed to.

To set either or both options, click on the round circle and then click the Update Subscription Options button.

Topic Subscriptions

Also in your profile, you can unsubscribe from any topics that you no longer want to be subscribed to: click the Topic Subscriptions tab.

You can either check individual topics by clicking to give them a green circle, then select the “Unsubscribe Checked” option – or you can unsubscribe from all your subscribed topics.

Forum Subscriptions


This is where you can subscribe to – or unsubscribe from – whole forums. The ones with a green circle are the ones you’re subscribed to.

Note: you might get a lot of emails if you subscribe to several forums!


If you have any difficulties with the email subscriptions, please let me know – I’ll be glad to help. You can contact me through the Writers’ Huddle contact form, or by email to ali@aliventures.com.