On Track Module #6, Part #1: Sharing Your Love of Writing

Recap: In the last module, we looked at ways to tackle the biggest challenge most writers face: finding enough time to write. We also covered the differences between first drafts and final drafts, and thought about the different techniques needed for those. Hopefully, you spent 15 minutes or so either working on a first draft or making a list of edits.

Writing can be a lonely occupation – especially when you’re working on a big project. You might spend hours every week at your desk, writing and writing, without anyone encouraging you or offering feedback.

Perhaps your family and friends are supportive of your writing, but don’t really understand you – they don’t see why writing matters so much. Maybe they’re indifferent. Or maybe they’re actively hostile, resenting the time that you spend writing, or making fun of your dreams.

But there are plenty of people out there who love writing just as much as you do. And even if you don’t know any writers, you can build up a support team. Here’s how – I’ve started with the easiest, lowest-pressure methods:

#1: Read Writing Magazines and Blogs

Want to be surrounded by people who are passionate about writing, and who totally “get” it? Then pick up a writing magazine, or read (and comment on) a writing blog. Flicking through a magazine – or reading the latest posts from a writing blog – isn’t just a way to get solid information. It’s a chance to feel like part of a world-wide community of writers.


I like the UK’s Writers’ Forum and Writing Magazine (which, if you subscribe, comes with Writers’ News).

Both Writers’ Forum and Writing Magazine have plenty of content for beginners as well as intermediate writers, plus great interviews with well-known authors. If you’re in the US, try Writer’s Digest.

All these magazines have useful content on their websites, including articles and links to resources.


There are dozens of great blogs about writing, and they’re all totally free to read. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the 2013 Top Ten Blogs for Writers on Write to Done.

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