Get Your Blog Into Shape for 2018

Have you ever thought that blogging is harder than it looks?

You want to have a value-packed blog that readers love. You want to share your ideas and expertise – and maybe make some money too.

But … you struggle for ideas. You procrastinate over every post. And no-one’s reading.

Are you ready for that to change?


Eight Week Ecourse

During this eight week course, I’ll teach you how to structure different types of post, how to get the most important pages on your blog right, and how to beat procrastination forever.


Group Support

To help you get the most out of Blog On, we have private members’ forums and weekly “check-ins” (plus a weekly prize draw!) to keep you on track with the course.

All Your Questions Answered

I check in on the forums daily, and you’re also welcome to contact me by email with any questions at all during Blog On. If you’re stuck on something, or if you want me to take a quick look at your blog and give you some feedback … just ask!

Plans and Pricing

You can take Blog On as a stand-alone course, or you can join Writers’ Huddle at the same time (giving you a 50% discount on Blog On, plus ongoing seminars and support for as long as you want to remain a member).

Blog On with Writers’ Huddle membership includes Blog On at $19.99 (half price) plus first month of Writers’ Huddle at $9.99.

Writers’ Huddle membership renews at $9.99/month. There’s no minimum commitment: you can cancel at any time. If you decide within 30 days that Writers’ Huddle isn’t a good fit for you, just let me know and I’ll be very happy to refund you in full.

You can find out all about Writers’ Huddle and everything it includes on the Huddle home page (opens in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here).

What People Have Said About Blog On

I have found Ali’s work to be consistently useful and this course is no exception. The course takes you step by step, through what you need to do to write good, solid blog posts. I have admired Ali’s writing for a long time and have often visited her site to get inspiration about how to write or structure a post so it is great to go “behind the scenes” and learn more for myself about writing excellent web content.

Jen M. Smith

You will not just learn how to create different types of blog posts.  You will also learn how that same knowledge can be applied again and again for bigger, better and longer pieces. You see Ali isn’t just thinking about her students whilst they are in her course.  She is thinking about how her students can use the same knowledge in two months or two years time.

Ainslie Hunter

In every module, every single day, Ali completely overdelivers. There is nothing out there that even compares to the level of professionalism and comprehensiveness to Blog On. If you want to learn how to write blog posts that get accepted at A-List blogs, posts that get noticed in the blogosphere, and posts that you can be proud to have in your portfolio, Blog On is the course you have been looking for.

Sid Savara

Here’s What Each Blog On Module Includes…

Module 1: Blogging Ideas: From Your Overall Goal to Individual Posts

begins Mon 13th Nov

  • Knowing what you’re aiming for – understanding what blogging can do for you, and setting goals for your blog
  • Choosing (or refining) your blog’s topic – what should you write about in order to achieve your goals?
  • How to generate ideas for your blog – different tips and techniques to get your mind into gear

Module 2: How to Write a How To Post That Readers Will Love

begins Mon 20th Nov

  • What makes a good “how to” post – so you don’t waste your time writing something that your audience doesn’t care about
  • The importance of the three-part post structure: introduction, main body, conclusion – by getting this right, you draw readers in, keep them reading, and make sure they stick around at the end
  • How to come up with the steps of your post – you’ll learn three different methods for this, so that you can find out what suits you best
  • How to format each step of your post – because this makes it easier to write, and easier to read

Module 3: Your Contact Page: Clear, Concise … and Crucial

begins Mon 27th Nov

  • Understand why a contact page is important – and learn what to call it and where to place it in your blog’s navigation
  • Learn what to include on your contact page – so that it’s easy for your readers to connect to you in their preferred way
  • Write and structure your page – with a contact form to encourage readers to engage with you

Module 4: How to Write a List Post That Delivers Real Value

begins Mon 4th Dec

  • What makes a good list post – so you can brainstorm some powerful ideas that will resonate with readers
  • How to use the three-part structure for list posts – the introduction and conclusion are still crucial to “frame” your list and to get your readers to take action
  • How to brainstorm list items – you’ll be able to pick from three different methods, so you can use whatever works best for you
  • Why order matters, and how you can impose it on your list – so that your post will stand out above the crowd (most bloggers don’t think at all about how to order their list items)

Module 5: Your About Page: You, Your Blog, and Why Readers Should Care

begins Mon 11th Dec

  • Get to grips with your About page – the most-read page on your blog, and the hardest one for most bloggers to write!
  • Develop a clear mission statement – this will help you to get readers’ attention, and it’ll give you some guidance for future posts
  • Learn what to include on your About page – so you deliver the information that readers are looking for, and you establish a personal connection with them

Module 6: How to Write a Link Post that Curates Great Content

begins Mon 18th Dec

  • How to come up with a focused and manageable idea – so you can deliver value to your readers without spending the next four weeks hunting down links…
  • Several great ways of opening your link post – it’s important to add a bit of “you” to your post when you’re mainly linking to other people
  • How to make your post useful for your readers – a collection of links alone can seem a bit bare-bones, so we’ll look at different methods for fleshing it out
  • Techniques for using link posts as a regular feature on your blog – this can boost your standing in your niche

We’ll have a week off at this point for Christmas! Then…


Module 7: Your Services Page: What Can You Sell to Your Readers?

begins Mon 1st Jan

  • Brainstorm some ideas about possible services, books or products you could offer – so that you can make money directly from your blog
  • Learn how to market your services/books/products on your blog – with a page that’s designed to draw prospective customers in
  • Add testimonials and step-by-step explanations – to help your customers make up their minds to buy!

Module 8: Creating (and Swiping) Powerful Blog Post Structures

begins Mon 8th Jan

  • Taking basic post types further – learn ways to develop the “how to”, “list” and “link” post structures
  • Developing consistent structures – save time by re-using basic structures, such as for book or product reviews
  • Breaking down other writers’ posts – find and use great structures, based on posts that you’ve enjoyed yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the payments work?

All payments are via PayPal. You’ll have the option to use a credit/debit card to pay if you’re only purchasing Blog On; for Blog On plus Writers’ Huddle, you’ll need a PayPal account.

You can choose to pay in dollars or pounds, whichever suits you best.

Blog On only is a single payment of $39.99 (or £29.99).

Blog On plus Writers’ Huddle is an initial payment of $29.98 (or £22.49). Each month after that, you’ll be charged $9.99 (or £7.49) for Writers’ Huddle membership. You’re free to cancel at any time, including during Blog On — though of course I hope you’ll enjoy Writers’ Huddle and want to stay part of our lovely community!

If you’re having any difficulties at all with payments, please feel free to email me any time (

What is your refund policy?

Blog On has a full money-back guarantee: if you join and feel it isn’t a good fit for you, for any reason, just contact me at any time up until the end of the course (Sun 14th Jan) and I’ll refund you in full.

How do I access the course materials?

All the modules are text-based, on web pages, with screenshots / images where appropriate. When you join, you’ll receive a unique login that you can use to access these during the course … and at any point in the future if you want to return to the materials.

Each module also includes links to extra resources and further reading: some of these links are to audio and video resources.

If you have any difficulties logging in at any time during or after the course, you can simply email me ( and I’ll be very glad to help.

What if I can't keep up with the course ... or want to move faster?

If you can take the course week by week along with the group, that’s brilliant: it means you’ll make great progress and you’ll get to take part in the fun of our weekly prize draws. 🙂

I know life sometimes gets in the way, though! It’s fine to take as much time as you want over Blog On. From day one, you have lifetime access to the whole course … so you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Where can I find out about Writers' Huddle?

Writers’ Huddle has been running for nearly six years now, so there’s a LOT included with your membership … including our full archive of 60+ past seminars and mini-ecourses!

Just head over to the Writers’ Huddle home page (opens in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here) to find out all you need to know, and feel free to drop me an email at if you’ve got any questions.

Get Your Blog Ready for 2018

I’d love to help you go further with your blogging. There’s a 100% no-quibbles money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose!