Writers Huddle Closed in 2018

Writers’ Huddle ran from February 2012 until April 2018.

It became increasingly apparent in 2017-18 that the monthly membership model wasn’t a good fit for most of my audience, so I closed  Writers’ Huddle to focus instead on running stand-alone online courses: you can find a list of these here.


Top-Notch Tutoring

Each month, we have a brand new audio or video seminar, often with a guest speaker. These come with a nicely-edited transcript and a worksheet that recaps key points.


Support and Encouragement

We have a very supportive community in our private members’ forums (where we run regular Writing Challenges), and you can join us weekly in our new chatroom.


All Past Seminars Included

You get our full archive of seminars (60 and counting)! You can download and keep all these, even if you later leave Writers’ Huddle.

Membership of Writers’ Huddle is just $9.99/month.

There’s no minimum commitment and no ongoing contract: you can join for a month, take advantage of all the existing content, and leave.

No-quibble refund: if you decide that Writers’ Huddle isn’t quite right for you, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund your first two months’ membership fee.

If you live in the UK, you can either pay the dollar rate or pay a fixed rate of £7.49/month.

All payments are through PayPal.

Here’s What Members Think of Writers’ Huddle


A Warm, Friendly, Supportive Community

I am enjoying Writers’ Huddle a lot. It has quickly become a vital part of my ongoing learning as a writer. I have already received some very helpful critiques of chapters of my nonfiction book and my blog posts and guest posts.

The people in this community are warm and friendly and supportive. It’s a safe place to share your work and get feedback. And they are not afraid to tell you what they think, honestly and constructively. I value that.

Ali Luke is endlessly inventive and has an uncanny way of targeting and providing the very information we all need in order to improve our writing skills. I highly recommend this community.

Bill Polm

Constructive Feedback from Other Huddlers

Joining the Huddle has been a great step for me. It’s given me an opportunity to chat with fellow writers on a daily basis. I’ve received constructive feedback from other Huddlers on pieces offered for critique that immediately improved my own writing. I’ve swapped links on writing tips and greatly enjoyed discussing books on the craft that we’ve read together.

I look forward to being part of this community as I continue on my path to being a published writer, because I know I’ll be the better for it when I get there.

Sean Cunningham

Getting My First Guest Post Published

I have learnt a lot in the few months that I’ve been a member of the Huddle, both through the seminars and Q&As as well as on the forum, gleaning advice from other members. Being in a community of writers has also given me the confidence to write my first guest post (which was accepted) after three years of blogging!

Melissa Goodwin

What You Get When You Join

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{NEW} Summer Writing Challenge: Starting 24th July

In Writers’ Huddle, we run Writing Challenges twice a year to focus on meeting goals together. This year’s Summer Challenge begins on Monday 24th July and runs until Sunday 3rd September. We’ll be setting goals together from Monday 17th July.

Each Challenge runs for six weeks, and works like this:

  • Members sign up on the forums and set a target (either a weekly target, e.g. 1000 words per week, or an overall target for the six weeks, e.g. finish three chapters of a novel).
  • Each week, members taking part “check in” to let us know how they got on.
  • There’s a weekly $10 Amazon voucher prize for one lucky winner who “checked in” that week.
  • At the end of the six weeks, we have a $50 Amazon voucher as a grand prize. (You need to check in on at least five of the six weeks to be in the running for this.)

Members who’ve taken part find that the Challenges really help boost their motivation and their word counts. Maybe our Summer Challenge could be just what you need too?

Monthly Seminars to Help You Go Further, Faster

Our members have a broad range of interests, and our past seminars have covered everything from the technicalities of setting up your blog’s sidebar to creating characters that readers love. (The full archive list is further down this page.)

The seminars are normally audio, sometimes video; each one has a full transcript, nicely edited for readability, and video seminars also have an audio plus PowerPoint slides option (in case you don’t like watching video or your computer isn’t up to it). Every seminar also has a worksheet that includes a summary of key points, a practical exercise, and suggestions for further reading or extra resources.

Weekly Emails to Keep You Up-to-Date

I know how easy it is to get busy and fail to login. Every Monday, I send out an email to let you know what’s going on. These emails alert you to:

  • Anything new happening in Writers’ Huddle
  • New seminars that have been released
  • Ecourses and Writing Challenges starting or getting underway
  • The topic of the week’s chatroom discussion (currently Thursdays, 8pm – 9pm UK time)
  • Interesting forum topics you might want to read or take part in
Personal Help from Me

As a Writers’ Huddle member, you’ve got access to me through our private members’ forums, or, if you prefer, by email. We also have a chatroom where we hold weekly live chats: you’re very welcome to bring your writing questions there (or simply drop in for a chat).

Full Access to ALL (5+ Years!) of Our Past Content

We’ve been going since February 2012 – so there are 60+ past seminars for you to check out, whenever you want. The archive is searchable and seminars are tagged by topic, to make it easy to find the ones that are most relevant for you right now. You can even download the seminar files to your computer so that you’ve still got them if you choose to leave Writers’ Huddle at any point.

Don’t worry about forgetting or missing out on the content here: each month, I highlight specific past seminars in the weekly emails, and I also link to relevant ones in each new seminar’s “Further Reading”.

50% Discount on All My Ebooks and Ecourses

As a Huddle member, you get a 50% discount on my ecourses:

  • On Track, which is about getting going again with a big writing project
  • Blog On, which is for new or established bloggers looking to get some momentum with their blogging
  • Launching Your Freelancing Career, which is for anyone wanting to make money (or make more money) freelancing

These are normally $39.99 each, but you pay just $19.99 per course.

You also get a 50% discount on my Blogger’s Guide ebooks, which are normally $29: you pay $14.50.

Lots of Interaction with Other Writers

Right now, we have regular Challenges, a “buddy” system, weekly chats, and of course the forums where anyone can start up a topic for discussion. If you’re having a bad writing week, if you want some critiques of your work-in-progress, or if you just want to hang out with other writers, we’re here for you.

There’s a special forum, “Introductions”, where you can tell us a bit about you and your writing – lots of our old-time members make a point of popping in there to welcome new faces and to offer support and encouragement.

Your 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Writers’ Huddle costs $9.99/month, and you can cancel at any time.

I want you to have plenty of time to try out Writers’ Huddle, so there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee: if you decide Writers’ Huddle isn’t quite right for you, just email me within your first 60 days and I’ll refund your payment(s).

Past Seminars Included

(Click the + to see details)

All seminars are audio or video with a nicely edited transcript and a summary of key points in the worksheet.

2017 Seminars Archive

January: How to Market Non-Fiction Books (and Still Have Time to Write), with Ed Cyzewski (seminar, 40 mins)

February: Writing Multi-Genre and Cross-Genre Novels, with Alan Baxter (seminar, 21 mins)

Bonus Seminar: How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon (video seminar, 29 mins)

March: Flashbacks: How to Use Them Well and Get Them Right, with Robert Yune (seminar, 27 mins)

April: The Confident Writer: Ditching Guilt, Beating Fears, and Making Time to Write (video seminar, 64 mins)

May: How to Write a Linked Series of Blog Posts (and Why You’ll Want to) (seminar, 23 mins)

June: Story Ideas: Where to Find Them and How to Evaluate Them (seminar, 28 mins)

2016 Seminars Archive

January: Beating Procrastination and Conquering Writers’ Block, with Tim Brownson (seminar, 35 mins)

February: Building an Audience for Your Blog and Business (seminar, 35 mins)

March: Crafting Short Stories and Entering Competitions, with Emily Devane (seminar, 38 mins)

April: Seven Ways to Add Depth to Your Characters (seminar, 40 mins)

May: Working with a Writing Coach or Mentor (seminar, 35 mins)

June: 2020 Vision: Setting and Meeting Big Writing Goals (seminar, 38 mins)

July: How to Find Clients for Your Freelancing, with Carol Tice (seminar, 34 mins)

August: Developing Your Fiction Voice and Style (video seminar, 62 mins)

September: How to Set Up Your Website with WordPress.com (video seminar, 31 mins)

October: Writing Novellas and Supernatural Fiction, with Icy Sedgwick (seminar, 24 mins)

November: How to Use Styles in Microsoft Word (and why you should) (video seminar, 23 mins)

December: Productivity for Writers: How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet (seminar, 34 mins)

2015 Seminars Archive

January: Setting and Meeting Your Writing Goals in 2015, with Barry Demp (seminar, 39 mins audio)

February: Structuring and Outlining Your Novel, with K.M. Weiland (seminar, 34 mins audio)

March: Setting Up Your Website: Three Simple Options Explained (video seminar, 44 mins)

April: Freelance Copywriting and Editing, with Linda Anger (seminar, 42 mins audio)

May: Making Time to Write (two versions of the seminar, 13 and 14 mins audio) 

June: Writers’ Groups: How to Start One, Join One, or Get the Most from One (seminar, 33 mins audio)

July: Writing, Serialising and Publishing Fiction, with Nick Bryan (seminar, 37 mins audio)

August: Six Reasons to Get Into Freelance Writing (seminar, 27 mins audio)

September: Writing Descriptions that Engage Your Reader and Advance Your Story (video seminar, 47 mins)

October: NaNoWriMo: How to Write a Novel in a Month, with Huddle Members (seminar, 41 mins)

November: Planning, Structuring and Pacing Scenes, with Roz Morris (seminar, 40 mins)

December: Developing Your Non-Fiction Voice and Style (video seminar, 52 minutes)

2014 Seminars Archive

January: Finding, Boosting and Keeping Your Motivation (seminar, 15 mins audio)

February: Winter Challenge (forum posts & short videos)

March: Will You “Make It” as a Writer? (seminar, 38 mins audio)

April: Writing and Self-Publishing Fiction, with Ellie di Julio (seminar, 51 mins audio)

May: Guest Posting: Waste of Time or Great Promotional Tool? (seminar, 43 mins audio)

June: Freelancing and Entrepreneurship, with Thursday Bram (seminar, 43 mins audio)

July: Writing Quality Fiction (seminar, 37 mins audio)

August: Crafting Great Blog Posts (seminar, 34 mins video)

September: Creative Giants and Being a Successful Writer, with Charlie Gilkey (seminar, 49 mins audio)

October: Ten Novel-Writing Lessons Learned the Hard Way (seminar, 40 mins audio)

November: Building a Platform and Building a Business, with Joanna Penn (seminar, 45 mins audio)

December: Twelve Writing Milestones to Celebrate on Your Path to Success (seminar, 43 mins audio)

2013 Seminars Archive

January: Creating and Reaching Your Goals (seminar, 31 mins audio)

February: The Writing Process from Start to End (seminar, 37 mins audio)

March: How to Write Dialogue Well (seminar, 25 mins audio)

April: A Hands-On Guide to Editing (video seminar, 25 mins)

May: Writing for the Web: What Every Writer Needs to Know (seminar, 28 mins audio)

June: Revising and Editing Fiction (video seminar, 55 mins)

July – August: First Summer Challenge (forum posts & short videos)

September: Getting Motivated and Tackling Resistance (seminar, 35 mins audio)

October: Handling Viewpoint in Fiction (seminar, 36 mins audio)

November: Heroes and Villains, with Lorna Fergusson (seminar, 38 mins audio)

December: Social Networking & LinkedIn, with Steve Maurer (text seminar)

2012 Seminars Archive

February: Controlling Your Love/Hate Relationship with Writing (seminar, 25 mins audio)

March: Freelancing 101 (seminar, 47 mins audio)

March: How to Turn Your WordPress Sidebar from Boring to Soaring, with Seth Leonard (webinar, video)

April: Making Money from Your Writing (seminar, 25 mins audio)

May: Short Stories and Fiction Writing, with E.J. Newman (seminar, 59 mins audio)

June: Writing Your First Novel (seminar, 37 mins audio)

July: Publishing an Ebook (seminar, 35 mins audio)

August: Building Your Author Platform Online (seminar, 42 mins audio)

September: Getting Into a Great Writing Routine (seminar, 35 mins audio)

October: Creating and Writing Great Characters (seminar, 42 mins audio)

November: Writing Articles for Magazines, with Steff Green (seminar, 32 mins audio)

December: Email Marketing Strategies, with Henri Junttila (seminar, 30 mins audio)

What Will You Write in 2017?

We’d love you to be part of our writing community. There’s a 100% no-quibbles money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose!