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Writers’ Huddle is currently closed for new members (as is the Blog On course, which runs within Writers’ Huddle).

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  • Seven Ways to Add Depth to Your Characters (full length seminar, .mp3 audio plus .pdf transcript and worksheet)
  • How to Find Clients for Your Freelancing, with guest speaker Carol Tice (full length seminar, as above)
  • Seven Pillars of Great Writing (ebook, .pdf format)


Have you ever thought that blogging is harder than it looks?

You want to have a value-packed blog that readers love. You want to share your ideas and expertise with the world – and maybe make some money in the process.

But …

… you struggle for ideas. You procrastinate over every post. And no-one’s reading.

Are you ready for that to change?

Join Blog On today.

During this eight week course, I’ll teach you how to structure different types of post, how to get the most important pages on your blog right, and how to beat procrastination forever.

Because I believe that…

You have a message worth sharing with the world.

You can write posts which touch people’s lives – and which make your blog a real success.

You can make money from blogging – if you want to.

And I’d be honoured to be part of your journey.

Blog On: Runs October and November 2016

All the modules are text-based, on web pages, with screenshots / images along the way. With each, there are links to extra resources and further reading (some of the further reading links include audio, video, etc).

Here’s what we’ll be covering in the course:

Mon 3rd Oct: Introduction Week:  Getting to Know Fellow Bloggers and Writers

Introduce yourself in the forum (if you want to!) and start to connect with other bloggers and writers.

Mon 10th Oct: Module #1: Blogging Ideas: From Your Overall Goal to Individual Posts

  • Knowing what you’re aiming for – understanding what blogging can do for you, and setting goals for your blog
  • Choosing (or refining) your blog’s topic – what should you write about in order to achieve your goals?
  • How to generate ideas for your blog – different tips and techniques to get your mind into gear

Mon 17th Oct: Module #2: How to Write a How to Post That Readers Will Love

  • What makes a good how-to post – so you don’t waste your time writing something that your audience doesn’t care about
  • The importance of the three-part post structure: introduction, main body, conclusion – by getting this right, you draw readers in, keep them reading, and make sure they stick around at the end
  • How to come up with the steps of your post – you’ll learn three different methods for this, so that you can find out what suits you best
  • How to format each step of your post – because this makes it easier to write, and easier to read

Mon 24th Oct: Module #3: Your Contact Page: Clear, Concise … and Crucial

  • Understand why a contact page is important – and learn what to call it and where to place it in your blog’s navigation
  • Learn what to include on your contact page – so that it’s easy for your readers to connect to you in their preferred way
  • Write and structure your page – with a contact form to encourage readers to engage with you

Mon 31st Oct: Module #4: How to Write a List Post That Delivers Real Value

  • What makes a good list post – so you can brainstorm some powerful ideas that will resonate with readers
  • How to use the three-part structure for list posts – the introduction and conclusion are still crucial to “frame” your list and to get your readers to take action
  • How to brainstorm list items – you’ll be able to pick from three different methods, so you can use whatever works best for you
  • Why order matters, and how you can impose it on your list – so that your post will stand out above the crowd (most bloggers don’t think at all about how to order their list items)

Mon 7th Nov: Module #5: Your About Page: You, Your Blog, and Why Readers Should Care

  • Get to grips with your About page – the most-read page on your blog, and the hardest one for most bloggers to write!
  • Develop a clear mission statement – this will help you to get readers’ attention, and it’ll give you some guidance for future posts
  • Learn what to include on your About page – so you deliver the information that readers are looking for, and you establish a personal connection with them

Mon 14th Nov: Module #6: How to Write a Link Post that Curates Great Content

  • How to come up with a focused and manageable idea – so you can deliver value to your readers without spending the next four weeks hunting down links…
  • Several great ways of opening your link post – it’s important to add a bit of “you” to your post when you’re mainly linking to other people
  • How to make your post useful for your readers – a collection of links alone can seem a bit bare-bones, so we’ll look at different methods for fleshing it out
  • Techniques for using link posts as a regular feature on your blog – this can boost your standing in your niche

Mon 21st Nov: Module #7: Your Services Page: What Can You Sell to Your Readers?

  • Brainstorm some ideas about possible services, books or products you could offer – so that you can make money directly from your blog
  • Learn how to market your services/books/products on your blog – with a page that’s designed to draw prospective customers in
  • Add testimonials and step-by-step explanations – to help your customers make up their minds to buy!

Mon 28th Nov: Module #8: Creating (and Swiping) Powerful Blog Post Structures

  • Taking basic post types further – learn ways to develop the “how to”, “list” and “link” post structures
  • Developing consistent structures – save time by re-using basic structures, such as for book or product reviews
  • Breaking down other writers’ posts – find and use great structures, based on posts that you’ve enjoyed yourself

Mon 5th Dec: Wrap-Up Week: Personal Blog Reviews, Q&A, and Final Prize Draw

  • Everyone who makes it through the course will get a personal blog review from me (more details below)
  • I’ll also be doing a Q&A session to answer any lingering questions you still have
  • And probably most excitingly … we’ll have the prize draw! This is for a $50 Amazon voucher (more details below)

A Worthwhile Investment? Absolutely!

The biggest worry I had with Blog On was I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money.  My worries were completely unfounded: in every module, Ali completely overdelivers. There is nothing out there that even compares to the level of professionalism and comprehensiveness to Blog On. She has broken down her strategies into easy to follow lessons, and it comes as no surprise that her posts are always accepted on A-List blogs.

If you want to learn how to write blog posts that get accepted at A-List blogs, posts that get noticed in the blogosphere, and posts that you can be proud to have in your portfolio, Blog On is the course you have been looking for.

– Sid Savara, Co-Founder of BlogcastFM

Joining Blog On

The whole Blog On course costs just $39.98. This includes some huge bonuses: see below for more on those.

This is paid as two $19.99 installments, one up front and one 6 weeks later; if you decide the course isn’t for you and cancel within 6 weeks of your first payment, you are entitled to a full refund.

As soon as you join, you can access the full course: all eight modules. I strongly recommend sticking with the group schedule, though, so that you can take part in the weekly check-ins and prize draws along the way. 🙂

While you’re taking part in Blog On, you have full membership of my Writers’ Huddle site — giving you access to 50+ past seminars, the private members’ forums, my weekly “Office Hour” and more. Do take advantage of this! You can find out all about that a little further down this page.

Your membership of Writers’ Huddle will automatically renew at $19.99/month, so you can carry on taking part even once the course is over. Of course, you can leave at any time you like.


A Warm, Friendly, Supportive Community

I am enjoying Writers’ Huddle a lot. It has quickly become a vital part of my ongoing learning as a writer. In such a short time (of its existence) I have already received some very helpful critiques of chapters of my nonfiction book and my blog posts and guest posts. A spot-on interview of Seth Leonard on blog sidebars enabled me to make changes to my blog in minutes that improved it considerably.

The people in this community are warm and friendly and supportive. It’s a safe place to share your work and get feedback. And they are not afraid to tell you what they think, honestly and constructively. I value that. Ali Luke is endlessly inventive and has an uncanny way of targeting and providing the very information we all need in order to improve our writing skills. I highly recommend this community.

– Bill Polm (Keys to Writing)

Blog On Bonuses for 2016 (worth $101 in total)

To make Blog On even more valuable for you, I’m throwing in some extra bonuses:

ALL FOUR of my Blogger’s Guides (normally $66)

To help you get the success you deserve with your blog, I’m including all four of my Blogger’s Guides: these normally retail for $29 each or $66 for the four-pack.

You can download all four as soon as you join, and (if you remain a member of Writers’ Huddle) you’ll have access to new versions as I update them over time, too.

The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing

Learn how to make real money from your blogging, get paid on time, come up with great ideas, market yourself so jobs come to you … and lots more!

The Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing

Learn how to construct great blog posts, from the title to the call to action, develop your blogging voice, revise, edit and proof-read your posts … and lots more!

The Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebook

Learn how to come up with an ebook idea that you know your readers will love, outline, plan and structure, stay motivated, polish up your ebook, sell it online … and lots more!

The Blogger’s Guide to Loyal Readers (newly updated for 2016)

Learn how to make a great first impression, find new readers through social media and SEO, get your blog ship-shape, so that you make a great impression on first-time visitors … and lots more!

FREE detailed review of your blog (normally $35)

blog-review-aliIt’s been a couple of years now since I’ve offered blog reviews publicly: this is your chance to get one! Everyone who finishes the course is entitled to a 10-point review of their blog, plus a detailed critique of one post (up to 1,000 words), from me.

There’ll be a short form at the end of the course to fill in (with your blog’s URL and other key details) in order to receive this.

WEEKLY prize draws, plus a Grand Prize draw at the end

amazon-gift-cardEach week, everyone who “checks in” with a completed assignment will be in with a chance at the weekly $10 prize. (Once you’ve won a $10 voucher, you’re not eligible for any more … but you still have a chance at the Grand Prize at the end.)

At the end of week eight, everyone who has “checked in” on at least six of the eight weeks will be entered into the Grand Prize draw for a $50 Amazon voucher.


Blog On Costs Just $39.98 (in Two Installments of $19.99)

When I ran Blog On as a stand-alone ecourse, I used to charge $47 for it.

Now that it’s integrated with Writers’ Huddle, I’ve been able to lower that price to $39.98 … and include full membership of Writers’ Huddle along with it. (Keep going for more information on that!)

Here’s how payment works:

  1. You pay, via PayPal, an initial $19.99 for the first six weeks of Blog On (and full Writers’ Huddle membership). This is fully refundable if you decide to leave within six weeks of your payment.
  2. You’ll receive your username and password by email. You can immediately access the whole course, though I strongly recommend working through it one week at a time, along with the group.
  3. You then pay your second installment of $19.99, assuming you’ve decided you want to stick with the course.
  4. If you’re enjoying all the extra resources of Writers’ Huddle – two other full-length ecourses, four mini-courses, 50+ seminars in the archives, friendly forums, one-on-one support from me, and more – then of course we’d love you to stay! Your subscription will automatically renew at $19.99 per month, but you can cancel at any time you like.

I have learnt a lot in the few months that I’ve been a member of the Huddle, both through the seminars and Q&As as well as on the forum, gleaning advice from other members. Being in a community of writers has also given me the confidence to write my first guest post (which was accepted) after three years of blogging!

– Melissa Goodwin


About Ali

In case you’re not too familiar with me … I’m Ali Luke, I’ve been blogging since 2008, and for several years, I paid the rent and bills from freelance blogging. I’m currently one of ProBlogger’s “Subject Matter Experts” (my area is “writing”, unsurprisingly)!

You’ll find posts from me on my blog Aliventures, and on some huge blogs, like Copyblogger, Smart Blogger, The Write Life, The Creative Penn and Write to Done. I’ve also written for Writers’ Forum magazine in the UK and taught on the Guardian newspaper’s masterclasses.

I currently live in Leeds in the UK with my family (husband, 3-year-old daughter and 1-year old son). As well as having a wealth of blogging experience, I have a degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative and Life Writing. I’m author of Lycopolis and Oblivion (novels) and Publishing E-Books For Dummies (in Wiley’s iconic “For Dummies” series).

Full Writers’ Huddle Membership (included with Blog On)

As a member of Writers’ Huddle, you’ll get:

  • The full support of a friendly community of writers – chat about your writing and share your work in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Top-notch tutoring on writing, through our monthly seminars – learn new tips and techniques you can put into practice straight away.
  • Access to a wealth of great resources, including our full archive of 50+ seminars, three full-length ecourses and four premium ebooks – you can use these at any time.

We have members all around the world, ranging from teenagers to over 70s. As well as bloggers, we have members writing novels, short stories, freelance pieces, and much more.

There’s a lot going on inside Writers’ Huddle (the site began over four years ago) and when you join, you’ll get a Welcome pack to help you get started. Here’s what to expect from your membership:

monthly-seminarsMonthly seminars on different aspects of writing. Our members have a broad range of interests, and our past seminars have covered everything from the technicalities of setting up your blog’s sidebar to creating characters that readers love. (The full archive list is further down this page.)

The seminars are normally audio, sometimes video; each one has a full transcript, nicely edited for readability, and video seminars also have an audio plus PowerPoint slides option (in case you don’t like watching video or your computer isn’t up to it). Every seminar also has a worksheet that includes a summary of key points, a practical exercise, and suggestions for further reading or extra resources.

weekly-emailsWeekly emails announcing anything new and linking to popular forum posts. From my own experience of belonging to several membership-based sites, I know how easy it is to get busy and fail to login. Every Monday, I send out an email to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in Writers’ Huddle.

I keep the emails short and relevant, and include direct links to the resources I mention (e.g. new seminars) so that you can quickly find those in Writers’ Huddle.

ali-helpPersonal help from me, through the forums, through email, and through my office hours on Skype. I’ve had some wonderful writing mentors over the years, and I know that being able to get a question answered or having a chance to talk a problem through can make a massive difference. Any time you need a hand, I’m here to help.

You can post as much as you like in the forums, email me as often as you want, and drop into my office hours whenever you feel like it. (You’re also very welcome to meet up with me for coffee, if you happen to be in the Leeds area!)

seminars-archiveFull access to the archive of seminars. We’ve been going since February 2012 – so there are over 50 past seminars for you to check out, whenever you want. You can even download them to your computer so that you’ve still got them if you choose to leave Writers’ Huddle at any point.

Don’t worry about forgetting or missing out on the content here: each month, I highlight specific past seminars in the weekly emails, and I also link to relevant ones in the “Further Reading and Useful Links” for each new seminar.


group-ecoursesGroup and self-study ecourses. We’ve got three full-length ecourses in Writers’ Huddle: there’s Blog On, of course, but also On Track, which is about getting going again with a big writing project and Launching Your Freelancing Career, which is for anyone wanting to make money (or make more money) freelancing.

The courses are available at any time to go through on your own, but we also run them as group courses from time to time. Each course has a dedicated area in the Forums where you can talk to other people who’re working on it.

huddle-forumsLoads of opportunities to interact with other writers. Right now, we have regular Challenges, a “buddy” system, a monthly reading group, and of course the forums where anyone can start up a topic for discussion. If you’re having a bad writing week, if you want some critiques of your work-in-progress, or if you just want to chat with other writers, we’re here for you.

There’s a special forum, “Introductions”, where you can tell us a bit about you and your writing – lots of our old-time members make a point of popping in there to welcome new faces and to offer support and encouragement.


Writers’ Huddle Seminars: Full List

2012 Seminars Archive:

February: Controlling Your Love/Hate Relationship with Writing (seminar, 25 mins audio)

March: Freelancing 101 (seminar, 47 mins audio)

March: How to Turn Your WordPress Sidebar from Boring to Soaring, with Seth Leonard (webinar, video)

April: Making Money from Your Writing (seminar, 25 mins audio)

May: Short Stories and Fiction Writing, with E.J. Newman (seminar, 59 mins audio)

June: Writing Your First Novel (seminar, 37 mins audio)

July: Publishing an Ebook (seminar, 35 mins audio)

August: Building Your Author Platform Online (seminar, 42 mins audio)

September: Getting Into a Great Writing Routine (seminar, 35 mins audio)

October: Creating and Writing Great Characters (seminar, 42 mins audio)

November: Writing Articles for Magazines, with Steff Green (seminar, 32 mins audio)

December: Email Marketing Strategies, with Henri Junttila (seminar, 30 mins audio)


2013 Seminars Archive:

January: Creating and Reaching Your Goals (seminar, 31 mins audio)

February: The Writing Process from Start to End (seminar, 37 mins audio)

March: How to Write Dialogue Well (seminar, 25 mins audio)

April: A Hands-On Guide to Editing (video seminar, 25 mins)

May: Writing for the Web: What Every Writer Needs to Know (seminar, 28 mins audio)

June: Revising and Editing Fiction (video seminar, 55 mins)

July – August: First Summer Challenge (forum posts & short videos)

September: Getting Motivated and Tackling Resistance (seminar, 35 mins audio)

October: Handling Viewpoint in Fiction (seminar, 36 mins audio)

November: Heroes and Villains, with Lorna Fergusson (seminar, 38 mins audio)

December: Social Networking & LinkedIn, with Steve Maurer (text seminar)


2014 Seminars Archive:

January: Finding, Boosting and Keeping Your Motivation (seminar, 15 mins audio)

February: Winter Challenge (forum posts & short videos)

March: Will You “Make It” as a Writer? (seminar, 38 mins audio)

April: Writing and Self-Publishing Fiction, with Ellie di Julio (seminar, 51 mins audio)

May: Guest Posting: Waste of Time or Great Promotional Tool? (seminar, 43 mins audio)

June: Freelancing and Entrepreneurship, with Thursday Bram (seminar, 43 mins audio)

July: Writing Quality Fiction (seminar, 37 mins audio)

August: Crafting Great Blog Posts (seminar, 34 mins video)

September: Creative Giants and Being a Successful Writer, with Charlie Gilkey (seminar, 49 mins audio)

October: Ten Novel-Writing Lessons Learned the Hard Way (seminar, 40 mins audio)

November: Building a Platform and Building a Business, with Joanna Penn (seminar, 45 mins audio)

December: Twelve Writing Milestones to Celebrate on Your Path to Success (seminar, 43 mins audio)


2015 Seminars Archive

January: Setting and Meeting Your Writing Goals in 2015, with Barry Demp (seminar, 39 mins audio)

February: Structuring and Outlining Your Novel, with K.M. Weiland (seminar, 34 mins audio)

March: Setting Up Your Website: Three Simple Options Explained (video seminar, 44 mins)

April: Freelance Copywriting and Editing, with Linda Anger (seminar, 42 mins audio)

May: Making Time to Write (two versions of the seminar, 13 and 14 mins audio) 

June: Writers’ Groups: How to Start One, Join One, or Get the Most from One (seminar, 33 mins audio)

July: Writing, Serialising and Publishing Fiction, with Nick Bryan (seminar, 37 mins audio)

August: Six Reasons to Get Into Freelance Writing (seminar, 27 mins audio)

September: Writing Descriptions that Engage Your Reader and Advance Your Story (video seminar, 47 mins)

October: NaNoWriMo: How to Write a Novel in a Month, with Huddle Members (seminar, 41 mins)

November: Planning, Structuring and Pacing Scenes, with Roz Morris (seminar, 40 mins)

December: Developing Your Non-Fiction Voice and Style (video seminar, 52 minutes)

2016 Seminars Archive:

January: Beating Procrastination and Conquering Writers’ Block, with Tim Brownson (seminar, 35 mins)

February: Building an Audience for Your Blog and Business (seminar, 35 mins)

March: Crafting Short Stories and Entering Competitions, with Emily Devane (seminar, 38 mins)

April: Seven Ways to Add Depth to Your Characters (seminar, 40 mins)

May: Working with a Writing Coach or Mentor (seminar, 35 mins)

June: 2020 Vision: Setting and Meeting Big Writing Goals (seminar, 38 mins)

July: How to Find Clients for Your Freelancing, with Carol Tice (seminar, 34 mins)

August: Developing Your Fiction Voice and Style (video seminar, 62 mins)

September: How to Set Up Your Website with WordPress.com (video seminar, 31 mins)

October: Writing Novellas and Supernatural Fiction, with Icy Sedgwick (seminar, 24 mins)

Your Six-Week Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYou can leave Blog On and Writers’ Huddle at any time by cancelling your membership.

If you cancel within your first six weeks, I’ll give you a full refund on your initial $19.99 payment. I want you to be able to try out Blog On and Writers’ Huddle without worrying that you’ll end up wasting money.

(And yes, this still applies even if you’ve downloaded all the content, plus the four Blogger’s Guides … if you want your refund, I won’t quibble!)


Writers’ Huddle will reopen in 2017. To get on the waiting list, scroll up to the top of this page and enter your email address in the box there. 

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